Abby Phillips, 18, Artist (Los Angeles US)


Abby Phillips is a mixed media artist from L.A. Her work has been featured in; NYLON Japan, Rookie, ASOS, and Yen Magazine. 


"My art is a mixture of illustration and photography. Illustrating and drawing is something I've been passionate about since childhood. So, adding it along to photography, a newly found passion, seemed like an easy decision to make. I've used illustration to physically express my visions in dreams and to emphasise little details I see in physical objects/images.

I end up collaborating with photographers far more than illustrators, so those connections led me into the fashion world. Working in a fashion inclined scene with my illustrations is exciting. I feel my work gives off a blithe and childish aura in a serious atmosphere. My objective with my work is to create a juxtaposition to the point where both elements are hardened and emphasized next to each other."