Culpavium by Romany

@culpavinum by @romanyfrancesca

Urban Warriors - Culpavium

When friends Aisha (21) and Morinsola or Momo as she prefers (20) decided to create culpavinum, as a ‘side project’ at University, they didn’t expect the positive reception that it garnered. Still currently studying a mix of Anthropology & Law at LSE, and Fashion Communication at Central St Martins, the girls created culpavinum as their respective creative outlets.

Yet, it’s opened Aisha’s eyes to the ‘flexibility a legal profession can bring’ the legal sphere comprising of everything from human rights to the media and entertainment field. And for Momo, culpavinum provides a platform where she can experiment with which route she wants to go down in fashion without the pressures of the industry.  

Culpavinum isn’t just your typical tumblr, all aesthetics and no real substance. The girls showcase their interests in style, fashion travel, and writing; all the while relating it to their varying backgrounds. Their lived experience as a British Kenyan (Aisha) and a Nigerian (Momo) offers a refreshing perspective on travel and style of the African continent without the tone of ‘othering’. Their ‘casual critiques’ of fashion and diversity, travel journals offering a ‘glimpse into Nigeria’s contemporary art scene’ contrast with their self-styled 90’s-esque shoots. It’s their youthful energy beautifully portrayed in their film diaries, and excuse the buzzword ‘fresh-faced’ glow that keeps their posts relevant to their audience – Girls.

Culpavium are the urban warriors, the supergirl double-act.

Text by: @heleneselam