Alanna by Kate

@alapharah by @kate.dash

Alanna sent me a link to “The Business of Being Born” via Facebook when I was pregnant with my first daughter. That was the beginning of our friendship. Before that, I only knew of her through mutual homies and now we create together. Alanna has a very dope sense of style and I make it a point to document it any chance I get.

Being a mom, I’m always doin’ the most. On this particular day, I scheduled to do three shoots with three individuals and ended up doing four. I asked if she wanted to come with, but only if she came extra steezy. She decided to come out and her outfit was on point, as always.

We met up with the two other girls in the Outer Richmond District of San Francisco. It was a hot, bright, and sunny day, more than I anticipated, but I made it work. We walked around the neighborhood and came across that VW van parked in an auto body shop. The brown on the van was perfect to go along with the soft pinks that she was rockin’. We wrapped up the shoots in a matter of two and a half hours and dropped off one of the girls in San Bruno. When we went to make a U-turn, that rotting yellow truck immediately caught my eye. Alanna was late for work, but agreed that truck wasn’t one to pass up. One of my favorite sets to date.