Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett (ALCH), 23, Menswear Designer


What are you thoughts on Instagram famous people? Are they a fad or are they here to stay?

I don’t really look at “instagram famous” people any differently than other people, but perhaps that’s simply because I’ve never really been interested in celebrity culture. I know a great deal of incredibly talented creatives with under 1,000 followers and I don’t think that should diminish anyone’s perspective of their practice. If you have a great aesthetic and a fresh outlook on visual content, I’ll follow you, irrelevant of your follower count. 


How many hours a day would you say you spend on social media?

Definitely less than I used to, but probably still more than I should.


What are the pros and cons of the internet age?

I think the pros and cons are the same - exposure and accessibility. It’s definitely easier to get yourself out there, circulate your work and connect with other creative practitioners. But it’s also saturating the market with content, making it even harder to be recognised and respected within your field. 


Recent studies show that social media is a contributing factor to increasing anxiety and depression amongst adults, what are your thoughts on this?

Social media has never really been a one-way dialogue - you can’t create and distribute content online without expecting to receive an opinion back. I’ve had my fair share of negative comments, viral hate posts on tumblr and people with more followers than me blatantly copying my work and claiming at as their own. All this can really depreciate your ego if you let it so it’s best just to keep positive. Besides - everyone knows today’s newspapers will be lining tomorrow's wastepaper bin.


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