Amy Summer, Artist (Sydney AU)


1.  dessert/desert

2. Nebula

3.  fur real

4. love is love is love

5. Touch


 I'm the type of artist who will use any material I can get my hands on if it sparks something in me. I started doing collage because I found it was an effective way to come up with ideas and strange juxtapositions for paintings, but then I realised I actually really liked the collages in their own right. I've been drawn to using bright playful colours ever since I can remember, and they often feel like the bridge between my work. I love collage as a medium because it's pretty immediate and you can see where the artist's hand has been; where they've splattered the paint or torn the edges of the paper. When we live in a digital world, it's bizarrely comforting to know that we can still make things with our own two hands.