Jaelin by Andrea

@tsu.nammee by @dregranera

Whenever I'm back home in the bay area, CA - my best friend Jaelin and I get together and it always ends up with some sort of fun photoshoot where we put together looks and act as each other's muses. We met on myspace back in the day and then went to summer camp together, so we've known each other forever. We're both from Oakland. We've always enjoyed doing artistic things together, we both play ukulele together and make videos. I love how talented and fluid she is as an artistic partner. She was one of my first models - I always felt like we were just playing until photography became more serious for me - and now we're still just playing and I just get to share it with more people. We see each others visions and are enthusiastic about similar aesthetics. I feel very comfortable and free in front of the camera with her. This particular shoot is at her grandparents house in Alameda where we just put on the coolest clothes from her collection and found the coolest spots in the house to shoot, and then brought our ideas for ourselves to life.