Andrea by Julien

@elithients by @_juxju_ & @nicolegaise

Nicole and I enjoy taking pictures of our friends because there's this sense of familiarity and friends tend to be less shy in front of the camera. We shot Andrea in her own home where she is most comfortable but fragile at the same time. I think the shoots atmosphere is about accepting your fragility. Women are expected to be so many things these days that we all forget that sometimes it's okay to show some weaknesses.  

Our style of photography has been evolving around the word 'raw'. Our aim is to capture beauty in its most natural form. That's why we like our subjects to be more candid and we encourage them to be themselves. We used to be very picky about models or subjects, however since Nicole went to London, I've been exploring more on different types of faces as so has she. I don't know how for explain this but we choose models by feel.