Andrea Ottenwalder, 21, Illustrator (Dominican Republic DO)


I'm based in the Dominican Republic where I've lived all my life and I'm starting a job as a gallery assistant exactly on this day. For pleasure I read manga and novels and watch Korean variety shows.  

I use Chinese ink and sometimes gouache. I started using ink because I wanted my drawings to look like scenes from manga and Japanese culturethat's also where some of my inspiration comes from. In the future I want to draw manga and be like Nana's Yazawa Ai and some other badass female manga artists. I also draw inspiration from feminism and sex. All of the work I've done until now has had a strong East-Asian influence aesthetically, but I always also try to reflect my own country's social and political problems. I form part of the 26 Art contest Eduardo Leon Jimenes which is the most important art platform of my country (it's not like there are a lot anyway). My piece is a boimbo.