Photography: Victoria Gravel

MUA: Priscilla Colubriale


This series means a lot to me because it was the first time I was joining forces with another female artist into one project. Priscilla and I talked about it few times in the past about collaboration and we were both happy that we finally got to do it. And with Anna as the model, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better team. I believe that we should empower other women instead of tear each other down.  

I am Montreal-based, and I mostly photograph women, especially women of different ethnic backgrounds because the art community needs more of us! 2016 has been good to me, but I am so excited about what is to come in 2017. I don’t want to say much about it, but I have a few collaborations coming as well as my very first art show on the empowerment of the female body with other talented women artists from the city.