Bella by Emily

@belladlt by @_stillno.1

I was drawn to my subject due to the fact that I love shooting people I know and being able to connect with them on another artistic level, and because the subject in these pictures were my sister, I was able to really feel comfortable. I chose our home in Los Angeles as the location for this shoot because this house has so many memories and shared moments that I feel even as I'm 300 miles away. Our restroom also has very beautiful light and as shown in the pictures our backyard has a really nice palm tree. 

I think in these pictures, as I try to convey in most of my work, is that you can cherish those you love and remember to do what you love at the same time in an art form. My style of photography is definitely based off of aspects of documentary and candid work. This is based off the realisation that I appreciate not really creating a moment but capturing it and letting things naturally take it course. 

In all my images I aim to discover myself. I have evolved as an entirely different person since I first began taking pictures and I think it's crazy how that is visible even throughout my work. I am much more relaxed and experimental with my work which I believe works towards my benefit.

Ariko Inaoka, one of my favourite photographers and main sources of inspiration, got me into photography. I like to believe her work touched the creative side of my soul as well as my best friend, Jade. She enjoy films and making them and I became obsessed with stills and from there received my first film camera as a present. As in for looking for people to shoot, I mainly shoot people who make a statement and those who are trying to make one but for some reason are being pushed down by societal pressures.