Bianca by Nam Phi

@badgyalbibi by @phinamd

The first time I met Bianca in person was through this photo-shoot I did with her. Prior to that I had only known her through social media, which exposed me to her artwork. I had actually attended an art show she was having with her work but never had the time to go and say hi to her. Despite only knowing her for such a short amount of time, I’m really happy to have met her. She has a lot of positive energy, is super chill, has a great sense of humour, is incredibly intelligent and artistically talented. She’s a very upbeat friend to be around.

I photographed her because prior to actually taking her photo, I was asking people on facebook and instagram if they wanted their photo taken for free. It’s something I enjoy doing in my free time when I can and also in many ways practice for me. After I had made a post about taking free portraits she messaged me for one and I think literally the next day we had met up for it. To be honest I wouldn’t know what type of style of photography I have or am doing. I’m still exposing myself to the works of other photographers that I enjoy or am inspired by and they come from all fields/genres of photography.

I do feel that what I had originally learned in school for photography (which was photojournalism) and the style had then has changed since. Either way I still have a lot to learn and much more other work I need to explore before I can hone down on one thing only.