Los Angeles USA

by @tony.camaro

My name is Tony Camaro. I’m a 21 year old Los Angeles based artist.  No matter where I go I always carry around a disposable. I started shooting with disposables in 9th grade because I couldn’t afford anything else. I didn’t want to lug around a huge camera when I went out with my friends so I would use these pocket sized disposables; more for convenience at the beginning. I loved the way that the photos would turn out and so I began to understand the tricks of the trade, how to get the photos to come out the way I intended them to - ever since then, 7 years later, disposables have been my go to.

Whats amazing to me is that I’ve been able to go back and see my entire teenage years through the photos I’ve taken. Every late night, every 40 oz, every girl I’ve fallen in love with, its all there and its so nostalgic.  My photos are nothing more than me having fun with my friends, getting into funny situations, being a kid. Youth culture is so important to me. I never want to loose my sense of wonder. I don’t think I ever will because I act and feel like a 7 year old when I’m really a 21 year old that should be looking for a job but… making art is better. 

I think that my photos are an ode to youth and curiosity, mischief, sex, drugs, music, art, life. The world is yours, you can literally do anything you set your mind to.  The most important message to the photos I take are to not take life so seriously, to never grow up, to live your life exactly the way you want to live and to surround yourself with people you love.