Christina Lilley, 21, Artist (New Zealand)


1) A close up from my work book '(th)is th(is) what love feels like

2) A sticker sheet I made towards the end.. A mixture of feelings about my break up. About moving on and feeling empowered combined with the initial heart break.

3)  Male tears ◕‿-  (one of my faves from this series bcoz I drew it when I was starting to feel more empowered and when he was mourning the relationship and I wasn't)

4)  My workbook page of venting which started my "romance series".. inspired by a bad break up but thanks tho m8 for inspiring some sick as fuck art,

5) A reworked version of my original. I do like this but I think hand drawn is much better at provoking emotion. "Stay High"- part of my romance series inspired by pastel colours and dumb boys.


The story behind these drawings is basically my two year relationship ended when my boyfriend told me he had cheated on me with a prostitute. V hard times in my life but I learnt to cope and vent my feelings about break ups and being single by doing lots of doodling and design work. Theres no specific story behind each one but basically the first three are straight from my work book, and the last two are ones I reworked on illustrator to make stickers and a t shirt design.