Clara Turchi, Artist, 38 (Mantua IT)


Italian born Clara Turchi works predominantly with the media of photography and installation. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally, with numerous collective shows and solo exhibitions both in Europe and the Americas, such as at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum in New York and the Bayeux in London. 

Like many people, I have always been fascinated by Hollywood actors. I often work with found objects and photographs, so when I started working for famous photographer Terry O'Neill, these two passions came together and I began researching these subjects.

The Vampires is a series especially inspired by philosopher Slavoj Žižek’s idea of “partial objects”. As he explains in his video, The Pervert's Guide to Cinema - Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Film, these are “organs without bodies” and continues  “it is the dimension of the undeath, of the living death, something which remains alive even if it is dead; immortal in its deathness. This dimension of diabolic undeadness is what partial objects are about." This vampiric dimension is that of the photographs, or better, of their subjects, even more so when it comes to actors and famous people, who are neither ever dead, nor really alive in people’s minds.

Each piece is carved by removing layers of chemicals with a knife, in a way that leaves a ghostly image on paper. This is a technique I stumbled across a few years ago, which has become the symbol of my obsession for the photograph, my way to dig into it in order to understand this fetish, this partial vampiric object, this proxy of death.