Cristina by Elektra

@pizzacristina by @gummmicunnnt

Cristina Fierro is a 19 year old Xicana from the Bay Area. We've been mutuals on Instagram for some time,  and after I did a model call post she contacted me. I was thrilled to collaborate with her! Her minion suit selfies and shaved head had me dreamin' for our shoot. We have opposite schedules so it was hard to plan, and on the day she almost had to cancel because of a cold, but she downed some vitamins and headed into the city anyway. We were a couple of hours behind and just one hour before I had to be at work. We did three quick outfit changes and took small walks through my neighbourhood in the Haight. Everywhere you turn you're surrounded by colourful Victorian houses, small front yard gardens and ornate stained glass windows. We took advantage of those backdrops and contrasted against these sophisticated styles with the glowing green neon words "WEED SLUT" written across her chest as well her Sylvia Plath baseball cap. 

When the shoot was done she had to jet back home and I rushed to work. The day continued in this beautiful haze. It was like getting high: just a really nice, warm, gorgeous part of the day.