Dorna, Ruby, Fia & Jenny by Zeinab

@dornzmoradi@rubydoobylondon@fiahh and @jennyharnett by @zaynxx

I met Dorna around two years ago, I was working at the Blues Kitchen in London, she begun working there shortly after. She spent the first two weeks strutting around the restaurant, I wasn't sure about her at first. Then over drinks, we got to know each other, we laughed so much together. She's boldly confident, stylish and sassy, all these amazing qualities in such a petite girl. I would often have my camera with me and I realised that she wasn't the kind of person to be phased by a camera or the time; this interested me in photographing her. She was okay with being photographed at all times, even when walking hungover morning walk from last nights party! I think we get along so well because we both dont give a shit about what we say, and are equally as crazy as the other. I guess she's like marmite to some people, but I absolutely love her. 

With my images I wanted to show the care-free side of Dorna that I see, the different sides of her personality, and just how confident she is within herself and sexuality. For example, the images taken where she is wearing a pink wig, were taken whilst the girls were getting ready to go to a BDSM underground party. Visually, I thought the three of them worked so well together, with my images I want to convey the notion of collective strength felt amongst girl groups.

I would say that my style of photography tries to merge the aesthetics of documentary and fashion photography. I like to photograph people naturally, when they're doing something rather than posing them too much. I think the location of an image says equally as much as the subject.  

With all the images, I had no input into Dorna's styling. I think her style is a big part of who she is and shapes her personality. I shoot almost everything on film, I think it adds a romantic haze to colours in images, the underlying theme of my images is a celebration of youth and girlhood.

I initially took photography as an a level about over 5years ago, I think that was the point that I realised that I wanted to do this as a career. I'm about to finish uni so it's exciting how far I've come! I look for something interesting in a person like style or mannerisms, beauty isn't always a factor. I think a personality of a person can surpass beauty.