Earl, 18, Blogger & Freelance Stylist





Tell us about yourself

When I was still young I'd always been so curious about the depiction of night life in the real world.

Being the only "guy" in the family. I want to know how connected a woman is to a trans woman. 

As I grew up, I just felt like doing the things that a normal girl does- going to the women's section of the comfort room, putting makeup on normal days and having an attraction towards men. And for me, it's an indescribable experience, something you can''t just label. That's why I'd always like to think that there's not much of a difference, but in the real world I've been battling about my acceptance in the society I'm revolving around with. People often catcall me and insult me for dressing up like a girl- it's just sad to think that I'm getting used to it, but deep inside I really am not. I guess I could say that I'm lucky enough to be this strong.


Tell us about your shoot

We did the shoot at Makati Avenue, it's almost a red-light district, where prostitution, strip clubs and sexual entertainment takes place. While Borgy was taking pictures of me, I was actually shaking. I felt like I was in a dangerous place but as the shoot goes on, I start to love the energy around me. People were looking at us but I can still see the sadness in their eyes. Part of me wants to think about the story behind every person- brave women and trans women who sell their bodies for a living, despite the slut-shaming. I'm inspired by these people who still stand up for themselves even if the world tries to push them down. Some people think it's not something you should be proud of, but for these women it's the norm. Just as I said before, dressing up like a woman is something normal for me. You really can't please everybody after all, what's important is that you still wake up everyday and just continue doing the things you're passionate about.


After that, we decided to submit the whole series to Sukeban. As I write this, I still can't believe up to now that I am a part of the SukebanGang. I would like to thank Erika and Yuki for giving me the opportunity to share my work alongside with the other aspiring creatives.


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