Erin M. Riley, 31, Artist (Brooklyn US)


I am using the medium of tapestry to create work that reflects the objects we surround ourselves with and the images that we seek out or share in our daily lives. In the 'Objects' series, I collect detritus of existence, sexual encounters, personal artefacts are presented in the age old "still life". These images are meant to be an archeological timeline of the things we own, buy and stimulate ourselves with and what that tells a person about us. It's like looking into the bedside draw or purse of someone on the first date. My 'Year of Porn' series started out by documenting my porn use while regularly masturbating, at each moment of my climax I would screenshot the activity on my screen and compile that data. It has evolved into an ongoing series which I add to continuously and weave at a large scale sometimes 8ft by 8ft and a small scale around 1ft by 1ft.