Erina by Megan

@erinacarmen by @megankeagles

I was on holiday in Japan and found Erina on instagram. I thought she looked really cool and cute so I dropped her a line and she was up for working together. We met in Shinjuku in Tokyo. Erina recommend the Kabukicho area as it is full of neons and we wanted to do a night shoot. The neons in Japan are incredible and this area was neon mad. I had been there before but without understanding Japanese - when I went with Erina she pointed out all these crazy hidden things that were going on. Was a really cool experience to see that side of Japan you wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise. I wanted to capture a visual slice of Japan at night, with a local as a guide. We went around outside and then shot quite a bit in the arcades. The gaming scene in Japan is big and very intense. The arcades are very noisy and busy and colourful. I would say my style is one that celebrates women and colour, shot with a female gaze. I also aim to shoot with a narrative style. I have been shooting on and off since my mum gave me her camera when I was sad I couldn't draw when I was a kid. I look for interesting characters, beauty, spirit.