Fabiana Lanza Cariccio, 20, Artist (Venice IT) 


My name is Fabiana, I previously studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna but this year I moved to Venice. I studied new technologies for art but work in multiple media, such as paintings, collages, drawings, installations and poetry: I still love discovering new forms of art. 

I’m really inspired by figures such as Basquiat and Pollock, but what has always struck me the most is how they were men before they became artists; this allowed them to convert their vulnerability and inner fragility into their art, which I then felt I was doing in my own work. Since I was a child I’ve always drawn, as if I was born with this desire to experiment, it’s difficult to explain, for me to create is like eating, drinking or sleeping, it is a constant necessity. I started making collages to create a prototype of beauty that wasn’t the usual ideal, so I was buying several fashion magazines and creating figures full of defects and rips, as if to say ‘This is who I am, and it’s ok.’ I particularly like collage because of how I can cut and remake things with my own hands, feeling like I was part of what I was creating.