Farida, Ranti, Tamar & Aaliyah by Mary

@_faridss @rantisaurus @taamars and  @aaliyah_lawal by @maryxvi

The current theme of my photography is black femininity. I was inspired by this particular group of girls because of their strength and personal style. 

The aim of my photography is to bring out the beauty and personality of my subjects through the contrast of background, light and clothing. As our university is based in a northern post-industrial city in the UK, we as African and Caribbean individuals contrast heavily with our surroundings and I wanted to capture this. 

When I look at these pictures I instantly think of rushed outfit changes and freezing hands in the middle of December. These shoots were ridiculously funny and are cherished memories of mine.

I'm a self-taught and pretty inexperienced analogue photographer (and photographer in general) and I have shot 35mm film a total of 2 times. What I have gained from this however, is knowledge, growth and confidence in myself and my craft. It has also been an amazing way to meet new people and I hope to capture the essence of many more wonderful beings in the future.