Faye Orlove,26, Artist (Hollywood, CA)


my name is faye, i'm a virgo living in los angeles. i love pop-culture and astrology. i like watching garbage tv and laying in bed with my cat for too long. but mostly i'm a hard-worker and i dedicate most of my time to using my privileges as a way to shine light on voices more dismissed than mine. i run a non-profit community space called junior high that offers a platform for marginalized voices to showcase their artistic pursuits. i love coffee and mexican food but not really together. my number one celebrity crush is loki from the avengers, and you can see more of my work and my obsessions @fayeorlove.

 i work mostly digitally because i grew up on a computer. it was always cheaper for me, and easier to erase mistakes on a computer than using paper and pen. i found that so much of my aesthetics were computer-based and it only made sense to pursue my art digitally.

I draw inspiration from pop-culture mostly! and my own life. i take note of the things we were taught in school as being notable or important and i like to reimagine what those lessons would look like if they existed today. like what if mount rushmore wasn't 4 random presidents, but an ode to reality tv stars or the founders of snapchat. it fascinates me to see where our priorities as a human culture have shifted over the eras and how they've stayed the same. 

I'd describe my work as pop-culture refracted through a feminist lens. lately, i've had work in fader and paper magazine and in the near future i'm going to have some animations in converse stores nationwide. i've been part of group shows at different galleries (mostly in new york and LA) and had one solo show in boston. i'm working on having another solo show for 2017, that's my big goal for the year.

When i'm not working (which is very rare) i like to eat avocado toast, turn photos of my cat into memes, and call my mom crying because i'm overwhelmed by life in general.