Femi by Florence

@fxmii by @florencecreative

My project for college was based on ‘social action’. I decided that being a creative in Fashion, the most important thing is that we do it ethically, without hurting others feelings, de-moralising others, or worse yet, creating mental illness in the minds of young girls. I am fed up with seeing a size 6, tall and slender white female on the front cover of magazines. Yes, they are very beautiful, but what about the people that don’t look like that?! What’s a big girl supposed to think if all her life she is force fed the image of perfection, and it looks nothing like her? What’s funny is that the model on the cover, the ‘size 8’ model, doesn’t even look like that herself. Because she is photo shopped. So we are literally obsessing over becoming something that doesn’t exist, she doesn’t even look like that.

I decided to represent the curvier women of colour for this project, to prove that no matter the pigmentation of your skin, the size of the body you carry, how much skin you want to show, if any at all, that you are just as beautiful as the manipulated-edited-over-polished models you see on the covers of magazines. You are real.

Femi is one of the most beautiful girls I know, and it’s mostly because she owns who she is. She loves to eat, and she isn’t going to say sorry about it. She also can’t be bothered to shave, and no longer succumbs to the ‘women shouldn’t be hairy’ pressure nonsense. I shot, styled, directed Femi...and she looks amazing, she felt it too. There’s nothing worth more to me than boosting a girls self-confidence after shooting with her and I think that’s what it’s all about.