Mackenzie by Dakota

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My name is Dakota, I am a 17 year old photographer. I am half Australian/Canadian, but have lived in Dubai since I was 5, I spent the last year living and going to school in Bali which is were I found my love for photography. And I am off school right now trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and spending most of my days shooting or working on my swimmer/clothing line.

 I came across Mackenzie's Instagram through a mutual friend we had, and instantly messaged her asking to do this shoot with me while she was back in Dubai.I loved Mackenzie's style and look  and knew she was exactly what I was looking for. Trying to find unique people in Dubai can sometimes be hard so when ever I get the chance to shoot people I find cool I jump at the chance. Mackenzie's style was also perfect for the direction that I wanted to take this shoot. I wanted this shoot to be beautiful but also masculine, I wanted it to show female beauty in a different way. She totally understood the direction I was trying to take the shoot and brought a bunch of outfits there were perfect, that were more masculine but still had that girly touch.

Like I said I met Mackenzie through Instagram, we shoot in Dubai in an area called Satwa. Now satwa is super over shot here you probably can't find one photographer here that hasn't shot there. But we walked all the way through the back streets and came across a bunch of locations no one has shot , so we just spent a few hours looking around and looking for locations that we felt worked for the shoot. 

What drew me to Mackenzie was her look for sure, she is super unique looking and I'm always on the search for people in Dubai that are super different looking and have there own sense of style. 

My main aim with this photoshoot was just too show that beauty isn't always what you think, that just cause you dress a certain wait doesn't mean you aren't beautiful or that you aren't feminine enough in the eyes of society. 

I got into photography about 6ish months ago, when I lived in Bali I had a lot of friends who were models and they need some photos for there instagram's so I said I would take some photos and then from there I kinda realized I was sorta good at it and I enjoying going out with friends and just taking photos, and now its a source of income for me. But I continue to take photos cause its something I love so much, not only that but I have met so many amazing people who I'm now friends with because of my job, and if I didn't do what I do I don't know if I would be friends with them. I also love editing photos and coming up with concepts for shoots so that also keeps me going.