Harleigh & Kyra by Hannah

@har4567 & @kyraalenn by @hannahedelmann

I wanted to shoot Harleigh and Kyra at a place called Morikami. This is a Japanese garden that we all grew up with in our town. It was pretty much our own secret garden because not many people I knew ever really thought to explore it. It was our escape from reality, if only for a little while. 

This park is one of the only places left in our town untouched by construction and concrete. I wanted to capture the pure beauty of our own secret world while capturing the natural beauty of my two friends. 

I’ve been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until I got my first film camera in my senior year of high school that I really started appreciating photography. It forced me to be self aware of the impermanent moments in life. Taking photographs was no longer mindless and superficial. I began seeing and capturing the authentic emotions of the people I was surrounded by that I was not even aware of before I discovered film.  I love shooting people who are extremely comfortable in their own skin. If they tear down their walls it allows me to tear down mine and have no doubts about myself and my ideas with the photographs I am taking.