Model wears dresses by Sevon Dejana & Shop Maju.

Photography: Lubee Abubakar

Model: Ifeoma Nwobu

MakeUp: Zubeida Abubakar

Styling: Vane Karolle

I think the most interesting thing about the shoot is that we were a team of sisters, two sets of sisters. I always get excited to work with young Nigerian creatives, especially when they are female (and sisters). Ifeoma is the model, she was styled by her sister Onyeka (VaneKarolle). She is 16 yet so passionate. The make-up was done by my sister Zubeida, and I photographed all the magic put together. It is important to celebrate the opportunities that we find in the people closest to us, it's an opportunity to create and think together. Having a sister in the same field of work is a beautiful thing- it's like a relentless support system. I loved being a part of the dynamic, I am sure it'll happen again soon.