Imi by Sinead

@imi.smith by @siineadrussell

Imi and I have been following each other on Instagram for a little while and we finally sorted something after a good few months of going back and forth. I usually know exactly the girl I want to shoot as soon as I see her, there is something indescribable that draws me to them. Imi is striking, as well as being a beautiful girl she is also creative and it oozes from her very being. As soon as I met her, we immediately connected, we talked about everything, chatting each other’s head off in between shots. She has a gorgeous energy about her, completely open and vulnerable. It was so easy! We did 5 looks and 108 shots in less than an hour (in the cold, sorry lovely!). It is times like that I realise how much I love dressing girls and taking photographs -  watching them transform, even though they are kind of playing a role in uniform, it is when they seem to be completely at ease.