Nicola Luey, 21, Designer 


Do you think kids these days are getting dumber or smarter, and why?

I think kids are growing up in a completely different way from us now due to this huge shift in culture. To say whether that makes them dumber or smarter in our eyes/to previous generations is unfair. I think that they'll be equipped with heaps of knowledge that we don't know the answers to because of the time they grew up in, and they'll also be the best candidates for heaps of jobs that don't exist yet! I think that where they would be at a disadvantage however would be more to do with the implications of growing up in such a digitally reliant world. 


What are you thoughts on instagram famous people? Are they a fad or are they here to stay?

People who are instagram famous are cool as long as they are authentic! I think that so many people, especially on a visual based social media like Instagram can buy into this idea of creating an ideal aesthetic image for themselves rather than using it as an expression of their story. I'd like to think that eventually people will get bored of overly edited and heartless posting, and that the ones who are here to stay are so because people are responding to their authenticity. 


How many hours a day would you say you spend on social media?

There's not often a time I sit down specifically to use social media, however I quite frequently use it to fill in the gaps - when i'm waiting for the bus, trying to not be awkward in an elevator, and to help me wake up in the morning! 


What are the pro’s and con’s of this current internet age?

I think that the intentions of the internet age are positive - it keeps us connected, helps us to be efficient, gives us access to more things, it entertains us, and keeps us current. However, it does get exhausting to have so much information all the time and I think that if we are not careful it can start to replace the valuable parts that should be figured out in real life. Living through this transition into the digital age from a late-analogue world I can now really appreciate certain things, like when I get sent a handwritten letter, or really engaging with places that are out of signal range, and even having distraction-free time for and by myself. 


Recent studies show that social media is a contributing factor to increasing anxiety and depression amongst adults, what are your thoughts on this?

It is troubling that social media could be linked to mental health issues, especially when our world is becoming more and more digital. I think that in reaction to this, we need to be more responsible about how we use it, the reasons why we are using it, and even being brave enough to know when to slow down and not use it.