Jamie Knowlton, Artist (Portland US)


My chosen medium is photography, new media, and video. I have been taking photos for over a decade and video for the last few years. Lately I draw inspiration from people such as Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch. Through my work I attempt to push the body past the action realm of objectification, and into the role of object, levelling humans with their environment. My work is simultaneously floral, soft, and abrupt. 

I am based in Portland, OR. For pleasure I spend time making art, so this is hard to say. I love to paint water colours, but I never show them. It is for pure pleasure. I enjoy reading very much and most often do that in my spare time. I also enjoy giggling and being foolish with my sweetheart.  I am also having my photos and a video short shown at FOCUS festival in Mumbai, as well as a solo show in Denver, CO entitled Will You be Waves, Or Will You be Coal, and I just had a few photos in the new issue of Leste Magazine that I am very excited about. You can view work beyond my photography on my website http://jamieknowlton.com