Janessa by Madenna

@vjanessa by @madennai

My name is Madenna, I'm 21 years old and I'm an artist/curator in Portland, Oregon. Janessa and I have known each other for about a year and a half now. We just happened to fall into the same circles, were introduced by mutual friends, and I fell in love with her sweet, child like spirit; she's all butterflies and tall grass and glitter and magic. The inspiration for this shoot came when I was back and forth between Portland and Beaverton (a suburb) everyday for work. I'd avoid highways by taking Burnside Street, which is like driving through a forrest, evergreen trees and ivy as far as the eye can see. One day while I was driving I had a vision of Janessa against all of that greenery. As far as styling, there was a photo I came across on Tumblr a few months prior of a woman in a nylon top with flowers in the sleeve and across her chest, so the morning of our shoot I picked every flower/plant that caught my eye, picked up nylons from the grocery store, and got Janessa naked. We drove up Burnside together, picked a spot to park and hiked into the roadside forrest. Cold and muddy, it was the middle of December and she wasn't even wearing shoes, Janessa is a trooper to say the least. We were both pretty impressed with the outcome and the whole process, especially since it was her first time modeling/taking direction and my first time directing/shooting. It sparked the idea to start a collection based on relationships between femininity in nature, which will become a calendar once the series is finished being shot.