Jasmine by Jirawadi

@babyafricka by @jirawadevi

I'm Jirawadi, an 18 year old photographer originally from Thailand and residing in Florida. All of my photos are based on true stories or specific fantasies in my mind, and I often use photography as a way to reflect these ideas.

There are few people whose faces tell stories,  Jasmine being one of them - I love working with women that inspire me. It creates such an energy during the shoot that is pure, adventurous, and creative in a way that almost holds a child-like wonder. While we walked through Venice Beach in LA, we chose spots to stop and shoot, and we talked about our lives and what we planned to do. We ended it with a blunt on the beach and decided that we would definitely cross paths soon again.  All of my photos reflect how I'm feeling at that moment, there's not much more I can say to describe it. I like to leave it up to others to interpret their own meanings, it makes life interesting. I choose every aspect depending on what feels right in the soul, whether it be models, props, locations, etc.