Jenn, 19, Student (Paris, FR)


What frustrates you the most about the fashion industry?

Some people tend to judge the world of fashion in opposition with intellectuals, as if the two notions were incompatible and conflicting, a person working in fashion is unable to have capacities to feel concerned about political social and economic issues. I consider this idea completely subjective, it can really be frustrating to be judged as soon and categorised as “clumsy”.

Moreover, in my opinion, the fashion industry doesn’t encourage enough young people “coming from nowhere” to succeed while they have much more talent and passion then some people who get the job through pulling strings.


What advice would you give to a young creative who wants put their work out there?

We are so deluged with information, photos and news, too many words and images are in competition for the public consumption that it's not likely to become the centre of strong attention overnight, it takes work- be authentic and cease to pay attention to who you could please or trying to gain some validation from. From there you will produce the work which you are capable of. You have to focus on your work. We were afraid of the difference; today we are putting it forward


Who is the ultimate female you’d want to work with?

I think it may be Kelly Cutrone, even if I’m not really into her “style” specifically, she has a sense of humour and realness when she’s working, she seems really human, and she was actually one of the people (with the Olsen’s sisters) who made me want to work in fashion when I was 13.


Do you think it’s important that women support each other in competitive industries? If yes, why and if no, why not?

A senior position is less accessible, in our society, for a woman, so we should definitely stick together even if it’s a competitive industry. I suppose we should try to find compromises rather than fight, everyone can have his place if he is really entrepreneurial; it is just a question of will.


What’s the best thing about being a woman in the 21st century?

Being born in the 90s and growing up in the 2000s, I didn’t give enough consideration about certain freedoms obtained by women and conflicts they faced during generations. Even the ability to pursue our ambitions is amazing. In the 21st century it is possible to have a career, we have the power to become independent and entrepreneurial. We don’t follow a particular model of life and we definitely have the freedom of choice, though unfortunately this is not the case in all countries …


Describe your style in three words

Spontaneous, casual but sophisticated (love details) 


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