Joey Yu, 21, Illustrator & Animator (London UK) &  Q'ayyim McKoy, 21, Writer (Stone Mountain, US) 

@joeyyu & @qmckoy


Goldfish Man, Love


Our collaborative project and comic book,  Goldfish Man, Love, is a story about a young woman who's past experiences and insecurities begin to slowly destroy her relationship with her beloved goldfish man. The story deals with the failure of commitment, unhealthy expectations, and the lack of love within a relationship.

Writer, Q'ayyim Mckoy: 

The inspiration behind the story is based on a past relationship I had with a girl I dated before I attended college. Our relationship started off harmless but it slowly became toxic. This young woman that I was dating began to show me her true colors and they were very bleak. A wave of depression came over her in the middle of our relationship. She became worrisome about our relationship as I was in the process of getting into college. She felt that I would cheat on her as soon as I entered college but she didn't understand that I was very committed and trustworthy. She began to do things that were considered "petty" and immature. I recognized and did the opposite and carried myself accordingly.

Throughout the relationship, I started to feel out of place: hinting the character; Goldfish man. I only showed her love and peace but she did'n t . She slowly started to take advantage of me. She continued with her antics but they took a toll on her and one day she broke down. She told me how she had her heart broken after every relationship she had, some she broke in the process . So towards the end of our relationship, I told her the things she was doing wasn't going to hurt me but would hurt her in the long-term. One day, she stopped all contact with me and that was that. There's always love and high expectations for her and I pray she understands that for herself.