Josephine by Jasdeep

@kohinoorgasm by @jpedestrian

Josephine and I honestly met through instagram, which I think is pretty rad. These photos are outtakes from a photo series I shot, called "Not Your Dulhan". The series explores the pressures and expectations surrounding South Asian marriage. I wanted to capture how Josephine uses small acts of resistance in her daily appearance to redefine the institution of marriage. Reva, who co-created and styled the shoot, drew inspiration from our hyphenated identities as South Asian-Americans when styling Josephine. Since "Not Your Dulhan", Josephine and I have continued to actively create empowering spaces alongside one another. She has definitely become one of my closest friends. Currently we are getting ready to release a music video that I filmed for her music project - Kohinoorgasm.


Model: Josephine Shetty

Photographer: Jasdeep Kang

Stylists: Reva Bhatt & Pragya Bhatt

Creators: Jasdeep Kang & Reva Bhatt