Justin Aerni, 32, Artist (Vancouver/Portland Area)




I'm a self taught artist who is obsessed with anything "future" , A.I and the coming singularity.  I'm currently living in the Vancouver/ Portland Oregon area. Besides art I have a show called "Paw'd Cats" which happens to be the worlds first puppet podcast that I co-host with my girlfriend and artist Diane Irby. I'm also making video art and trying to make I guess you would call it "witch house" style dark music in my free time. 

My chosen medium is something that I call "Destroyed Photography" . I first started making these kinds of images back in 2010 when I had printed off a series of images of my own face, but had thrown them away with other wet brushes etc. by accident when I was cleaning my studio. Later I noticed that they were gone so I looked everywhere and then finally found them in the trash. The images were crumpled up and wet which made the printer ink bleed and this created a crazy effect that I had never seen before. I was instantly in love and wanted to make more. Since then my style for creating these images has evolved several times and I even went around the country in 2014 taking analog photographs I used in my first book of destroyed photography called American Trash.

 I draw my inspiration from underground subversive culture, banned books, deep web Creepypastas and experimental art. I would describe my work as part satire part iconoclast part visionary. I feel like I've made enough work now in last ten years that every part of my personally is covered.