Kamilia Anna Harchi, 24, Artist


1-2. Still Living

3-4. Wall of Tears

5-6. No Name



Kamilia Anna Harchi is a 24 year old Artist living and working in London. Originally from Warsaw, Poland she moved to London to pursue a career in Make-Up Artistry. Having done her BA in Prosthetic Make-Up at London College of Fashion she worked as a freelancer collaborating with Sony Music and Vogue Online as well as theatre shows. Being passionate about sculpture she secured a place on a MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. She's working predominantly in the medium of figurative hyperrealistic sculpture, but including photography sound and video in her performative works that reflect her interest in Make-Up, Theatre, Performance and Body.

The premise of ‘Still Living’ was to create a sculpture that could also be considered a performative piece though its interaction with its surroundings. Used in a solo show at the Punctum gallery, the bust formed from plaster, was covered with skin-coloured prosthetic silicone along with Afro-textured hair, flowers, string and a variety of coloured flocking powders. Partly influenced by Glenn Brown’s floral works, the main concept of the piece was to showcase decomposition in a theatrical manner. Achieving this through the use of the lifelike silicone skin, with more subtle touches such as the use of Amnesia roses, with their characteristic pale purple complexion contributing to the deceased appearance. The breasts are also concealed in order not to detract from the message and also to ensure there are no associated sexual connotations.