Kasia, Nikolina, Celica & Zaddy by Aliya

@dzkath@quinicki_, @pyramids.nv & @gngstx by @aliaotchr


I met these girls in a collaborative shoot we were doing. It's basically a shoot where young photographers, models and clothing lines collaborate to expand their portfolios and make new contacts. As I was surrounded by what seemed to be 50 or more creatives, me and my friend, who had a clothing brand, Trill Vibes Wear, spotted these 4 girls who stood out. Their style and vibe seemed more eccentric, and I loved the way they carried themselves, but also the way they looked together. They came with a vibe that could only be described through my images. I felt I couldn't just focus on the clothing, as there was an atmosphere surrounding me that needed to also be included. I liked the way they were able to add a feel to the clothing and bring it to life. As I usually do when I take pictures, I looked for something different that tells a story. Anything that could be understood, an emotion, a connection, anything that had meaning. Using half of my film on them, I believed they had a story to share through just being themselves. They immediately clicked with the camera and so did I, with them.