Kenneth Kudulis, 35, Artist (Tennessee US)

 am a 35 year old working artist who loves Tom Wesselman and George Condo. I have been hustling my art for the past 12 years but really focused on creating acrylic canvases this year. I really love creating layered work that is painted super flat. I am really interested in new ways of showing the human form in space. I hope to land a solo/group show this next year.

 I graduated from the Juilliard School in 2006 as a Scenic Artist and spent eleven years in NYC working for companies such as Spaeth Design, who annually create and install the Holiday windows for Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue. I also worked on numerous Off Broadway and Broadway shows. Currently, I reside in Tennessee with my wife and two Frenchies, Pixel and Scribble.

 My current work focuses on portraiture and using line weight to create movement and feeling. I am very interested in colour and it's relationship to shape within the context of the human form. Often I use found imagery from the past two decades as source material for my work. By deconstructing and simplifying these found images down to their outline, I give life for an image that had become lost and forgotten.