Kristen Liu-Wong, Illustrator & Painter (Los Angeles US)


I’m based in Los Angeles! Besides my art work - I mostly just watch crappy tv with friends and go on adventures!!

I primarily work in acrylic and acrylic gouache on wood panel. I’ve been using them since I first began regularly painting, so probably junior year of college. I draw inspiration from the old cartoons I grew up watching, Shunga, American folk art, architecture, everyday life- there are way too many things to list!

I’m terrible at describing my own work- I prefer for people to just see it and draw their own conclusions. I’ve been exhibiting for over 3 years now and freelancing for one now and I’ve had so many really fun opportunities to show work so it’s hard to pick one since I always feel so lucky to be able to share my work for an actual job. The first show that I was SUPER excited about getting was my (first) three-person show at New Image Art since they’ve shown a bunch of my art heroes and I couldn’t believe I even got that chance!