Maria & Li by Alisha

@mazzoomzoom & @litsh3n by @alishardar  

The feel for this shoot was to be care free and to have fun.
Shooting girls is a new project I’m working on to highlight girl culture. My idea is to document the lives of girls in the 21st century in places that represent them, or they have a connection to. Photographing Li Shen and my sister Maria was super chill as they had such positive energies. Myself and Maria met Li Shen though twitter three years ago and have met up only a few times, yet I captured the strong bond between them while displaying their aesthetics.

Li Shen is like no one I’ve ever met. She’s traveling the world at 19 and lives an eccentric life. What I love most is her confidence in front of the camera, her way of showing off her personality and vibe.
Maria is my younger sister and best friend. Her aesthetic is cool and she has a natural glow to her which makes photographing her all the more fun.