Linda Merad, 27, illustrator (Paris FR)



It depends on the situation but the design using pen or pencil is still at the center of my practice.  Since childhood, line drawing has been the most intuitive and efficient way to bring life to my ideas. At the time, I dreamt of becoming a stylist, so I drew a lot of shoes, mostly platforms like the ones The Spice Girls — and strippers — used to wear, and also ladies with crazy hair and eccentric make-up wearing oversize dresses. Much later, I realized that I was only interested in prints and not in volumes and seams of the garment. Therefore, I turned to graphic design studies, to complete my desire to create images globally. Now I enjoy exploring some combinations of colors for my images, through a pattern, a collage or a simple sketch. I also remain open to the experimentation of other mediums.

I guess the everyday life is an infinite source of inspiration : I’m sensitive to the words, faces, bodies, curious objects… And I’m really influenced by social trends, fashion, traditional arts too. I find the Internet aesthetics funny and brilliant at the same time (I collect images from Instagram and Tumblr, almost daily, by the way)

My artworks are mostly narrative, by mixing different universes or making reference to the popular culture. I like when it’s strange, absurd, even with a touch of humour. I like a shitty play on words for example.