Luca, Idunn, Kolfinna and Hae by Sina 

@lucajulika, @idu.nn, and @kolfinna.thorgrimms by @hi_imsuperwoman

the art of letting go / sad girls edition pt. 1

 easy come, easy go.


I’m not the best with words. And I don’t really know any of these models. But I always try to show them as strong and beautiful and individual as they are. I’m rather interested in hearing some one else’s feels than my words trying to explain something I can’t explain.

 So here some feels from my dearest friend and muse:





not literally but in the purest sense

virgins at heart

with a demon inside


saints or sinners

sweet brains

bright thoughts


sina lesnik gives the all of us

love and pussy power


 By Magali Delion @magalidelion