Lucy Sherston, 26, Illustrator


I create most of my images by collaging hand drawn and digitally drawn elements together. I discovered this way of working when trying to marry together 2 of the things I love, raw marks that show the path of the human hand and graphic shapes. It suits my impatient nature as I can work quickly and see the image building up into something, as I figure out how to make the forms sit together. I also really love more hands on work that takes me away form the computer. I really enjoy the physicality of working with wood and trying to make more 3d interactive illustrations.

My work generally comes from a culmination of a sketchbook dump where I'll sketch down really quick ideas with urgency. It'll be a combination of things I've seen or heard and then I'll start to see connections between these things and form a composition. I'm not sure exactly where inspiration comes from but when an idea clicks it's such a moment of clarity, like when you read a sentence in a book and are suddenly like 'YES, THIS SPEAKS TO ME.' I'll try and take that idea and explain it visually on paper, but quite often these ideas come out completely different than I anticipated.

I'm definitely drawn to making bright, positive work that I hope makes people smile. I've just exhibited an the London Illustration Fair with the collective Hero Of Switzerland, and regularly sell my prints at the DIY Art Market and other art fairs.

I'm currently based just outside of Brighton, UK. I work as an in-house designer and studio assistant to support my illustration work. When I'm not doing either of these things I love being by the sea, and making extravagant breakfasts.