We met when we were 12 or 13 at a friend's birthday, we're both 18 now. We went to different schools but we got a lot closer when I moved to the same school as Maia for sixth form. We're both Geminis, we both like to talk a lot. We have similar views on feminism and politics but most of the time we're talking about stupid stuff - she makes me laugh more than anyone

We did this shoot for fun but I ended up using it for an art project on the stereotyping of women, focusing mainly on women of colour. I interviewed and photographed a group of friends, and we talked about their backgrounds, experiences of being stereotyped, and more generally what it's like to be a young woman in the present day. 

At the time I was seeing a lot of art about the female body, but never anything about the females themselves, as people. I think it's crucial for art about women, particularly feminist art, to consider more than just the body.