Marie Weber, 24 years old, art student (Strasbourg FR)



I mostly do monotypes and experimental etching as my medium. I have always drawn, but before I started studying illustration, I was always looking for a new medium/technic, which would allow me to be inspired by « the accident » of the process. I have never liked to draw only with the lines directly. I guess I like it when it’s messy and spontaneous. Then, when I started studying illustration, I discovered the super etching workspace at school, and especially the technics of monotypes. It was a real turning point in my work. I found a medium where I can let express myself, and the medium at the same time, and I can also combine it with collage, paper cuttings and lot of difference materials. It is very inspiring because it can constantly be renewed.

I spend lot of time on the internet especially on youtube. It’s really fascinating all the trending and stuff that goes viral. I kind of like having a funny vision of all the weirdness floating around on internet. I did comics about contouring, twerk, tutorial… 

I think I’m interested in this kind of subject because it’s a part of my generation, but I can’t really identify myself with some trends. Also, internet and apps and how people using it, are a bottomless pit of information and possibilities to write stories, that’s why I’m really attracted by those topics.

I think my work is between naive, absurd and also experimental. As I said, I like talking about topics from my generation but with a certain distance. I guess I like absurd humor because it’s not really a mockery but more a question mark on something you can’t really understand or something you find weird. I also have a contrast between the technic (which is pretty traditional) and the story which can create something surprising and make people smile. I want people to smile while reading my stories.

My last short comics about twerking addiction will be published soon in the next kuš! <> komiks š! #27

I’m working on a new short comics which will be published in the next Mökki zine. I co-founded this collective with 7 friends of mine and this will be our issue #4.

I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in the illustration department at HEAR (Haute École des Arts du Rhin) in Strasbourg. This year will be very busy because of the diploma so I spend a lot of time working on new comics/illustrations. But beside the art work, I like going to flea markets and to try to find the perfect object. And last but not least, I am passionate about food (making it and eating it of course).