Martian by Natalie

 @martianwulf by @bynataliejeniffer

Colour plays the most important part within my style. I love the idea of making an image go from plain and normal to colourful and exotic. My photography is based around post production, so regardless of what I've captured, editing plays a significant part. I love using unique and off subject props, I find it makes the image weird and wonderful. I love shooting all ranges of people. My work is very broad when it comes to picking models, as long as they have a natural glow, I'm happy to work with them. 

I was drawn to shoot her due to her big piercing eyes and long hair. Emphasised features of a model give more character to the image. I wanted to portray a weird environment by her eating cereal outside, it has a bit of a magical feel, from blue drinks to coloured cereal, which is clearly not the norm. The brand Unif is funky and upbeat so I thought this idea would fit perfectly. The location was perfect as it had coloured walls and coloured chairs and tables which was perfect for props.