Megan and I met on Instagram. After talking a bit back and forth we decided we both wanted to work on a project together. I picked Megan up after school one afternoon and we drove to the waterfront of our city to see if we could find anywhere interesting to shoot. We made our way down the waterfront trail until we came across a pier with a small lighthouse at the end of it. 

 For this shoot, Megan and I collaborated on 3 different looks - a mixture of items that either belonged to Megan or items I had collected and always wanted to shoot. I thought the shiny brown floral dress was the most perfect Fall piece I had ever found and I was so happy when Megan was as equally excited to wear it. 

 Our "Steel Town" that we live in isn't often credited for being very beautiful at all - most people only consider the smoke they see from factories as they drive by. However, by the end of the shoot, Megan and I both ogled at the sky as the sun set behind us. We both agreed that we actually couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting.

 Working with Megan is fun. Even though we both are in different stages of our lives, Megan being still in school, and myself graduated and now working, it's really cool to connect on our experiences of being both girls from a small "Steel Town." Megan's friendship has been important to me and is proof of the impact of powerful woman relationships that can transcend age.