Megan-Magdalena Bourne, Photographer (Vancouver BC)


 When did you start getting into photography?

Oh boy, I know it sounds cliche but I've been taking photos as long as I can remember. My dad's a writer/director/actor/filmmaker, so I think on some level I was just born into it. I remember always having creative tools around me to play with as a child. We weren't rich by any means, but my parents always made creativity their priority. I grew up with my dad's old Nikon rangefinder film camera and a polaroid, and not much has changed since then. (Well, a lot has, but you get me.)


Tell me about your band!

We're called WISHKICKER. It's me, my badass boyfriend, and our 3 best friends. I love it so much. I can't really express what it feels like to make and perform music with the people I love most in the whole world, but it feels really damn amazing. There's no one else I'd want to do this with, and I'm very thankful that everything has come together the way it has. I'm not gonna bore you with our "sound" or genre or whatever. Listen for yourself!


Do you find it important to express yourself in the way you dress? 

Fuck yeah! It's very important to me. What's the point of being alive if you can't dress weird and have fun with your appearance? I don't want to look like everyone else. I'd rather be laughed at for looking different than blend in with the crowd. Pro tip: don't take yourself too seriously. 

I'm gonna get real with you for a second here…

I was bullied. I spent many of my years trying to fit in. I never felt like myself. I struggled with addictions and a pretty bad eating disorder. Going through all of that, and the therapy that accompanies it, is definitely what helped me get to where I am today. I spent years trying to hide my "flaws" and insecurities, but now I accept them and flaunt them and it feels grrrrrreat!


Is it important for you, as a female, to shoot women? 

It should be important for everyone to photograph women. Women are fucking beautiful, powerful, strong, badass, and smart as fuck. I don't photograph models, I photograph my friends. Nothing against models, I'd just rather capture someone that inspires me on a daily/personal basis. I think that's where the focus needs to be. Photograph the women around you, don't let your girl friends put other girls down, tell the ladies in your life how rad they are, and compliment women on their opinions instead of their bodies.


What do you look for when you choose your subjects in your photography?  

I honestly just want to photograph people who make me laugh/people who don't take themselves too seriously. My main objective is to accurately capture the subject. If I find that person interesting, other people will too. And I want to capture THAT. I'm not looking for a pretty face, I'm looking for that thing you can't describe but you can't stop thinking about. But most importantly, I'm looking to empower the people around me. 

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