Mel by Victoria

@tomphord by @victoriagravel

I met Mel through Instagram; I was looking for people to photograph and happily, she hit on me. We decided to shoot for fun in the back-store of her mom's boutique, and we connected right away. When you're about to meet someone, there's always those little insecurities about if we are going to get along with this person, if our expectations were right. I definitely liked her vibe. Among other things, we talked about how the Internet can be such a weird thing. Couple years ago, it wouldn't have been a common thing (or even recommended) to meet people from the Internet. However, we felt like nowadays it is just part of our generation. I have built different kinds of relationships through the Internet, from friendship ones to love ones. To take pictures gave me the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary women from the Internet I'm good friends with now. Of course, I like to photography for its different technics and aesthetics, but to me, meeting new people is one of the best things about it!