Michaela Yearwood-Dan, 22, Artist (London UK)


Born and raised in South West London, now currently residing in East London, Art has always been at the forefront of my interests.

My work is about me. It is a journey of understanding myself through the eyes of myself.

Visualizing the simplicities of my heritage, and what it is to be a young second generation Black British woman, my practice narrates the juxtaposition between the ‘Exotic’ fabrication placed upon me and the heavily stigmatised realities of my life in London. Through paint, the works incorporate vibrant and sumptuous textures that work as a catalyst between the ‘oh so tropical’ West Indies, and an urbanised London; transporting oneself from an assumed livlihood to that of a life familiar to me. It allows the chance to view both, understand both and experience the equal beauty in both.

I take the majority of my influence from the day to day imagery that i surround myself with; be that stills from films and music videos, or clippings from something I saw in a magazine or Instagram....My inspiration is literally everywhere.